logoAt a conference in Island 16-18:th September 2009 a work group for Landscape mapping and monitoring was founded. IALE Sweden will host the website for the working group under this link.

The monitoring of Nordic landscapes is important both in a national and an international context. The Nordic region, including the Baltic, has much in common, regarding physical conditions as well as cultural historical development and biodiversity status that on several points differ from the rest of Europe. Consequently, the Nordic countries share vegetation that follows climatic zonation rather than national borders.

The research network NorthScape is based on this recognition and we acknowledge that we have much to learn from each other and there are major synergy effects to be gained from coordinating external contacts, such as participation in a larger EU project where only one or a few Nordic countries participate.

Today, knowledge about Nordic physical conditions and vegetation is extensive and all countries have developed classification systems of their own for mapping and monitoring landscapes and habitats. However, there is still no comprehensive work with systematic and scientific harmonization between the existing and planned national and European classification systems to meet new international demands for sustainable development and its monitoring.

Additionally there is a rising demand for research training of younger researchers that will be able to benefit from network meetings and the training courses that this network will provide during the next three years.

Link to the Danish NorthScape webpage

A short version of the conference is available here. A view of the founding document is available here.

E-mail list to the working group representatives
Name Organisation E-mail Contact for
Anders Bryn Norwegian Forest and Landscape inst. anders.bryn (at) Norway
Gudmundur Gudjónsson The Icelandic Institute of Natural History gudm (at) Iceland
Ole Caspersen Forest and Landscape Denmark ohc (at) Denmark
Helle Skånes Stockholm University helle.skanes (at) Sweden
Niina Käyhkö University of Turku niina.kayhko (at) Finland

For sending e-mail (at) should be exchanged to @.

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