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Earlier activities

  • Annual board meeting 22 November 2018 in Stockholm
  • IALE Sweden Conference 16-17 October 2017 on Green infrastructure took place in Uppsala.
  • The yearly IALE Sweden Conference was held 22-23 September 2016 in Stockholm, on the theme ”Ecosystem services – a road to sustainable development?”
  • On 15-16 September 2015 the IALE Sweden Conference on ”Transport infrastructure in the landscape” was held in Göteborg.
  • The IALE Sweden Conference and Annual Meeting 25-26 September 2014 in Örebro dealt with Multiple use of forest – focus on social values.
  • During 5-6 September 2013, a conference on shorelines and shore protection took place in Värmdö.
  • An IALE Sweden Conference and Annual Meeting 4-5 October 2012 in Halmstad considered Renewable energy and landscapes.
  • A seminar on landscape perspectives on golf courses was held 31 May 2012 at Stockholm University.
  • The IALE Sweden Conference and Annual Meeting for 2011 took place in Umeå 8-9 September, see information here (in Swedish).
  • The Conference and Annual Meeting 2010 concerning natural grasslands, ”De svenska hagmarkerna – en juvel i det europeiska landskapet?”, took place in Linköping 16-17th September. The report from the Conference is available for download (in Swedish).
  • A seminar on dispersal corridors was held 7 May 2010 at Stockholm University.
  • More information available in the Swedish version.
  • The report from the 2009 IALE-Sweden Conference on Urban Landscapes, ”Det urbana landskapets gröna delar – historia, värde, planering, skötsel och restaurering”, 17-18 September 2009 in Stockholm, is printed in cooperation with CBM (Swedish Biodiversity Centre), and available for download (in Swedish).